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When running a business, one of the best options available for you is to become part of a Group Purchasing Organization, this is one way for you to make sure that you are making the most of your budget by saving thousands on daily products and services.

A Group Buying Organization leverages the buying power of its members to negotiate discounts from suppliers – the vendors of products and services used daily to offer incredible savings to its members and help reduce operational costs.


Quality Control

Maintain quality items at corporate level pricing, and increase profits.

Supplier Relationships

No need to change current supplier relationships. Access new relationships

Secured Pricing

Our contracts our pre-negotiated with term-pricing. Control your bottom-line.

Concierge Support

Use our concierge to help you take full advantage of our savings.

Popular Suppliers

Most of our members do not have to change current supplier relationships. We link their existing accounts to our group buying discounts and contracts.

Nothing changes except reduced expenses resulting in significant savings going right to your bottom-line giving you financial security and additional funds to use for growth, hiring, and long-term success.

Additional Benefits

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Purchasing Power

Take advantage of our $100 billion in group buying power saving businesses of all sizes an average of 30% annually on average.

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Supplier Management

Delivery accuracy, reliability, invoice matching, and lead time are all well worth monitoring our purchasing. Learn more on management here

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Reduced Transport Cost

Transport is a significant element of any supply chain cost. Understanding the structure of these costs can open up opportunities for cost savings

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Connect to Our Pricing

Access our negotiated purchasing contracts with daily suppliers with little to no change in your ongoing ordering process.

Businesses will always need to control costs to maximize growth and profits.

Which means partnerships with vendors and supplier will continue to flourish and offer business owners incredible savings to meet their bottom line and minimize their need to worry about operational cost. If you’re interested in increasing your buying power and want additional funds to succeed, you should be using a Group Buying Program. At MT Purchasing we never charge our members any annual fees.  See how it works here

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