As we welcome 2019, the number one question small business owners need to be asking themselves is “how do we increase revenue and reduce cost? “

In today’s market, it is crucial to take advantage of services that help companies reduce the cost of daily operations. Staying ahead of competitors can be difficult when spending a large part of the annual budget for costly supplies and services.  With MT Purchasing’s Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) you can receive pricing for supplies, equipment, and services available to large corporations. With over $100 billion in purchasing power, you can count on our contracts and supplier relationships to reduce your expenses.

What is Group Purchasing?

A group purchasing organization increases the buying power of its members by combining the aggregated volume of all of its member’s purchases. This enables a GPO to negotiate contracts based on the combined purchasing power of all of its members. This results in deep discounts that would not be offered to an individual small business.  Bottom line is that you experience significant savings that go right to your bottom line to increase your profits or free up money to invest in your business.


How do GPO’s make money?

Commonly group purchasing organizations charge its members an annual membership charge or an administrative fee for each purchase.  NOT MT PURCHASING! Our GPO is free to join and free to use. We receive a fee from our vendors so it is free to you.  Plus, most of our members don’t have to change any of their ordering procedures or suppliers and there are no minimum order requirements so unlike big box stores, you don’t have to buy in large volumes to realize savings.


MT Purchasing  offers you over 300 suppliers and services such as Staples, Office Depot, Best Buy, Grainger, Cintas, Federal Express and hundreds of other top companies for all of your office supplies and equipment, furniture, electronic equipment and all of the support services that keep you running. You can view our full supplier list here.

Start building the financial security you need. Save with us and use that additional money to focus on the growth and long-term success of your company. MT Purchasing is the solution all business owners should be taking advantage of from startup to mid-size companies. Searching to find the best price is a thing of the past with MT Purchasing.

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