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A Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) combines the purchasing power of its members to generate discounts from suppliers – the vendors of products and services to give significant savings to GPO members and help dramatically reduce costs.

Joining a group purchasing organization will change how you run your business. Whether you have a startup or have been in business for a while, joining a group purchasing organization helps you scale and go above your competitors.

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Popular Suppliers

Small-Mid Size Businesses

No business is to small to access our contracts

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Save an average of 30% with savings up to 80% in some areas.

Business Associations

Offer to your community for an incredible added-value offer.

No added cost to you, so no need to increase membershsip fees.

Attract new members to your organization for growth.

How It Works

Become a Member

Become a member and connect with similar businesses who order similar products and services.

We leverage the purchasing power of our member-base to negotiate significant savings. 

Choose Your Suppliers

Choose the suppliers that best fit your needs and request access to our negotiated pricing.

No volume requirements or commitments required to access savings. Our team will help activate your discounts.

Start Saving

Start saving by connecting your current accounts or requesting a new relationship with one of our suppliers. 

Our team will make sure that you are getting the best pricing possible and follow up with you to answer any questions. 


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